Friday, 19 August 2011

Flashlight Friday

Yes its Flashlight Friday again!
To change things up a bit not only am I going to feature an new flashlight but I am going to
reveal my new method for cleaning rust.
This flashlight you see below was given to me tarnished and rusted. 
I proceeded to disassemble it and put it through my home made "electro bath" before polishing.
This "bath" for cleaning rust has to be one of the best things I have ever discovered how to make on the Internet ever!
By immersing rusted parts in this tub with a water and laundry soda mix.  rust can be removed electrolytically. Rust is turned into iron and just washes off!
I made this setup with a piece of rebar, a battery charger, a plastic tub and some lengths of copper wire!
The "Delta Powerhead" lantern went through it in parts which were dried and polished with
moms mag polish

You can see the reflection of my  camera in this  shot!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Flashlight Friday

Its Flashlight Friday Again!
(Yes I know! Its actually thursday isn't it - see todays FIELD NOTE? )
Its starting to seem like friday has become the only time I can get to the computer to post.
The summer has beome a "series of endless fridays"
Well I can think of worse things to reflect on than "cool retro flashlights"!
Here is a flashlight that a friend recently rescued from the local dump.
It was sitting in the recycle bin destined to be crushed and melted.
Luckily there was an intervention and it has since been added to the collection.
This light was manufactured by the 
Tang Fun Lee company in Hong Kong under the Navy brand.
My guess is that it was made in the 1960's


Friday, 5 August 2011

Flashlight Friday

Its Flashlight Friday again.

What's this....another Coleman Lantern?

Well sort of.....
This is a "Coleman Flashlight" I recently came across.
Its a departure from my usual retro Friday flashlight pick
but I thought you might enjoy this novelty light for a change.


Monday, 1 August 2011

Recent Finds on the Coleman Trail

Its been a long summer. The chainsaw hasn't been getting much rest cleaning up from the last big storm and now the electric start on the ATV has given up the ghost. 
Taking some time off to recharge I hit the garage sale trail on the weekend in search of Coleman's.

Here are a couple of recent finds!

This 228e was sitting in a pile of things by the roadside with a "free" sign on it!

Here is a Coleman "G.I." Pocket Stove Model 530
It comes nestled in two cooking pots.

Six "Grate Bars" unfold to hold a cooking pot

This stove is missing a pot handle / wrench  and funnel that 
came with it originally but is in mint condition. It will burn either coleman fuel or gasoline.
The 530 is a civilian version of a military stove that Coleman designed for the U.S. forces in 
world war two.
It's my most amazing stove find ever!