Friday 30 March 2012

Flashlight Friday


Yes its Flashlight Friday
 The sun is shining warmly through the window and thoughts of spring are on my mind today.
In the spirit of new spring beginnings I am putting forward a challenge to all my faithful readers...

An LED "flashlight mod"!

Go to the dollar store and buy a LED flashlight 
(there are a variety of types and configurations to choose from....and yes they sell batteries there too) ...take your new light apart and re-assemble it in a new and creative housing. 


For some inspiration  click on the links below....

Send me pics of your results and I will post them!

Good luck!


Monday 26 March 2012

Stevie "hawking"

This morning I went "hawking" with my friend Nathan and his new bird "Stevie"
Dave my neighbour came along too!
Nathan called me up the other night to ask if he could hunt his new bird on my property. 
The answer was an immediate yes.
A couple of years ago I taught Nathan how to hunt. 
Nathan has long been interested in hunting with a bird and after successfully completing an apprenticeship in falconry he now has his own bird.
Stevie is Nathan's first bird.... a young female Harris Hawk

This morning we tried to get Stevie to kill prey from the wild on her own. 
So far she has just been hand fed.
Out walking in the bush this morning we encountered grouse, turkeys, deer and one very sluggish snake.
Stevie had a nice outing but so far she is just curious about what she sees in the forest. 
I think Nathan is eager for her to start hunting and will take her out again soon.

As we walked through the woods this morning Nathan's bird flew overhead.
She had a bell attached to her foot and as she flew we could hear the bell ring through the trees above.
I wonder what Stevie saw soaring in the canopy?


Sunday 4 March 2012

Live to hunt....hunt to live

It's hard for me to believe but the effort I have been making to get a new bow 
has finally paid itself off!

It's been over a year of emails, backorders, phone calls, miscommunication and confusion...
This journey started quite a few years ago when I bought a "Bear Bow" at a yard sale.
I like to say that this was the first time I met "Fred Bear"...
The bow fit my grip like it was made for my hand...
It can be difficult to find a bow that fits well and fit is an important factor in how you shoot...
Bear Bows have an interesting history... founded by Fred Bear
a contemporary archery pioneer and long time role model of mine.
The idea of hunting with Bear equipment has long appealed to me because of both their history and feel.
Fast forward to an archery convention and marketplace held in Kalamazoo Michigan 2011.
I was attending the event to hear G. Fred Asbell talk (he is a living traditional archery icon)
I intended to try shooting a Bear "Super Grizzly" recurve at the marketplace of vendors attending the show and possibly buy one. My old Bear bow was a weather worn antique that was at the end of its life. It was time for a new bow.
Sometimes a plan is only a plan until another plan develops that is better than the first...
That pretty much describes that day when I shot the Bear Grizzly and also their newly released version of  the takedown recurve Fred designed in 1969...
There was an archery range set up at the show where the public could try different bows and I remember shooting both bows with my good friend and hunting pal "Cap"...
I almost split a couple of arrows at 20 yards with the takedown and its feeling impressed me...It was almost like it was a part of my hand....
Almost twice the price of the "Grizzly" this takedown was beyond my  budget...
As fate had it that day I found out that indeed I could afford the bow if I was prepared to wait and order it through an industry discount I qualify for...
If you scout my past posts you can read a bit about what followed me placing my order...
What seemed like a simple purchase dissolved into a mess of confusion...
At one point I had my order in hand and couldn't open the box because of mixup with a customs broker!
Last weekend I drove to Detroit and finally picked up my new bow...
A Bear Takedown with one set of 50lb. limbs, one set of 55lb. limbs and a quiver that Fred Bear designed too (he pioneered the modern bow quiver that attaches to a bow).
Live to hunt...hunt to live!