Field Notes

Monday October 22, 2012
I sat in the woods for an hour today taking in the changing season and listening to animal activity. It was a relaxing break from a long list of chores I have been working through in preperation for the colder weather which we should see soon! 

Tuesday June 26, 2012
The other day I got an encouraging comment from an anonymous reader! They were excited about what was happening in the blog and reflected on how different the content was from the normal reading they do online. I am thankful for the feedback... it warms the spirit.!

Saturday January 28, 2012
It's snowing again this morning. The new thermometer/weather station I got for Christmas has been predicting snow and precipitation continually since I took it out of the package.  A couple of sunny days would be welcome just about now.
The bow I ordered a year ago from Bear Archery finally arrived and it was the wrong one and I was charged the wrong price for it too. The company is claiming that it made a clerical error at the time of my order that may make my order invalid.  This is a big disappointment.  It looks like my bow may never arrive.  I'm sure there is some lesson to be learned here but I'm just not seeing it right  now.   Around here deals are made with a handshake that can be depended on. It seems a handshake is often worth more than a bunch of words put to paper.

Thursday August 11. 2011
Well today is a first. I just finished posting a flashlight friday post on thursday! This is pretty typical of a summer that has been so busy I don't know what day it is. Lately in the evenings I have been sneaking some time in the shop working on my Coleman lanterns -  brief glimpses of calm in busiest summer I can remember ever.  My current project ,  constructed over a months time,  is a rust removal outfit to clean parts with electrolysis. It is comprised of an old plastic tub, some rebar and a battery charger. The rusty parts sit in a solution of water and laundry soda. Low voltage electricity turns the rust into iron that just wipes away or falls off.  Its amazing how well this device works.

Sunday July 17, 2011
One of the things I inherited recently from the estate of my good friend Gerry Todd was his Coleman lantern. It was well used and will forever remind me of my pal and our hunting together in the wilds.
In wanting to keep this lamp and others in working order  I have taken my collection of Coleman lanterns to the next level by teaching myself how to restore them. I find it fascinating researching their histories and then taking the tools to them. This morning I stripped two lanterns down to begin cleaning them. My goal is to revive my lanterns and use them all. Some are close to a hundred years old.

Monday April 11, 2011
Just back from a walk in the bush after my Coleman lantern post. There is still 4-5 inches of snow in spots and lots of pooled water where the ground is still frozen. Lots of creepy fog over melting snow. No sign of bears yet but I'm expecting them to wake up any day now if the weather stays warm .

Friday June 24, 2011
The recent storm that passed through my region has knocked down trees all over our property. I have acres and acres of trees to take down that have been torn or uprooted. Cutting and splitting firewood for the winter is still unfinished so I am going to be busy in the forrest for the summer.

Saturday June 25, 2011
Today out at yard sales I found two amazing coleman lanterns. The fellow selling them was asking way more than I could afford. I looked at them and was silent...the budget just couldn't make it happen. Ever since my Coleman Lantern post I have been driven to collect and restore Colemans. I would have really liked to have gotten a chance to renew these old lamps and light them up again but such is the hunt......

Wednesday January 18, 2012
The new year came in with a bang! The head gasket on the van blew along with the vehicles engine too...the television died...and the desktop computer lost its monitor that has is integrated into the computer (yes thats why there were no posts for a while).  
The van got sold for scrap after almost 400,000 kilometres of driving it with few repairs....The television (that I got second hand from a friend) went to recycled at the dump -the piggy bank was broken into to replace it...(we still have a set of rabbit ears for reception)....and I found someone who will put a used screen into the desktop (I have arranged to use another computer until this happens). Whew!