Saturday 10 January 2015

Post 138

POST 138

It's been a while...
I guess the blog has been dormant, something like a jackpine cone waiting for a fire for it to open and enourage natural regeneration...
A long pause of calm in the forest, followed by flames and regrowth.

Looking back on the last year, sometimes it seemed at times like my life has been all about putting out fires, but here I am, like the humble jackpine cone arising from the ashes...


Everything has changed and everything is the same...
Work out in the bush progresses, mostly on trails but other projects are brewing...
The flashlight and Coleman Lantern collection has been growing selectively. Of note I  found a really rare Coleman which I will begin to restore soon. 
I have decided to teach myself how to use a metal lathe... maybe its not too late to teach this old dog a new trick? 

 I took my trapping money this year and bought this!

Yes its a GoPro video camera!

Do you think this old dog can jump through this hoop too?
Well I'm sure going to try and hope to share some of my videos with you soon.

Happy New Year to all



Cap said...

Can't wait for the first video!

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